The Friday Report

(I’ve made it a policy to include Ace Combat-themed headers for AC7 news, otherwise, it’ll always be Latia/os or MLP pics, because I said so)

Hello there, reader! It’s the weekly Friday Report again! So, on with the show!


So, we’ve been studying this whole week! Next week we have Finals, so we’re preparing the best we can to get A’s and B’s in all classes. Also, we’ve been watching this awesome Bollywood film called “Lagaan.” I’d recommend it to any film aficionado. It’s that good. I feel like I’ll ace the History and English finals, I feel I’ll do fine on the Spanish, and Math (maybe), and I feel like I’m going to bomb the Chemistry final. Oh, and I have a bunch of infractions for being late, but, on the other hand, I got free lunch passes for “Taking Initiative.”


What is there to say? Of course I’m still geeking out over the Ace Combat 7 announcement! Yesterday, I found out that I was too late to confess to my crush. Let’s just say it was like in the romantic movies (or the ending of Lagaan. Sorry, it’s good!) and I felt a little heavy and disappointed in myself. It was horrible, and nobody knew I even had a crush. Oh, well, that’s what I get for being a wuss, and either way, grades are more important. Uhh, I found some pretty great new music to listen to! And, oh my god! We’ve finally got rain! Rain, I tell you, rain! Gahhhh! Happy days!

The Weekly Quote

This is the quote of the week!

No, good sir, I prefer the thing that you do not prefer, and therefore my opinion is objectively right. How dare you pop my bubble. The Arctic Vixen [Get foxy with me ♥] 09:44, 10 December 2015 (UTC)

~ArcticVixen, a fellow editor at RationalWiki.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!


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