Namco-Bandai Announces Ace Combat 7

Just yesterday, December 5th, during the PSX (PlayStation Experience) presentations, Namco-Bandai Entertainment announced various titles that would be able to support Sony VR support. Among these titles is Ace Combat 7. The game is a latest in the venerated combat-flight simulator series that has become widely known for its soundtrack and plotlines (Ace Combat 04, 5, Zero, 6) and has been tattered and battered by more recent entries (looking at you, Assault Horizon).

The launch trailer is hinting at a possible return to Strangereal, as the F-22 in pursuit of a Su-37 sports Osean Federation roundels, and the Su-37 features an Erusean roundel. A space elevator, Lighthouse, and a new megafortress, the FAS-01, are featured in the trailer.

Expect more news and developments on this game and its release date. For more information, consult Acepedia, or IGN.


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